Transparent LED (T-LED) Rental & custom video content

Zien Creative has found a way to develop motion graphic video content in a unique way which shows the full potential of the Transparent LED (T-LED’s).
Our creative team has manage to create video content which shows transparency and depth. Each and every communication opportunity could be unique just by using the same T LED.
For rental, from events to retail stores, our creative team will work closely with you in fulfilling the “out of box” ideas you have always imagined. Our light weight, easy to install T-LED could be made as a cube, a hanging poster, an entrance arch, a walk way or any designs needed within your concepts.

“Thinking out of the box”

Many companies have this concept in mind, but don’t know how to execute their ideas by using the existing screens to create something unique to stand out in the market. T-LED panels have been used for several years but rarely to their full potential. This is because content and hardware were not aligned and came from separate suppliers which did not produce the best end results.

Why? Because many people has been treating the T-LED as a normal LED. Normal videos is being used as transparent content for the T-LED.
Thus, by combining hardware with (stage) design into one supplier we ensure that both will be used to their highest potential and create the best end result for your concept.
Please refer to the video or contact us for more information and rental rates and possibilities.

T-LED introduction

Examples of T-LED in our projects:

Full cube style T-LED set up

T-LED integrated into main stage design

T-LED Photo backdrop Hologram style

T-LED test set up