YF Life Rebranding Ceremony

After a successful event held in Bangkok with Mass Mutual. Zien Creative was given the opportunity to spread our creativity in Hong Kong.  The event was held in HKCEC  (Hong Kong Conventions Exhibition Center), attended by 3,000 guests to witness the merging and re-branding of YF Life.

Working together with the marketing team of YF Life, we have created 3D animated characters by using the new elements of the company identity and logo.

Further to that, Zien Creative has also designed and fabricated the graphic for the opening interactive dance to officiate the ceremony. Which really made the 7 meter tall LED screen come to life and set the tone for the rest of the event.


  • Graphic content for officiating ceremony
  • Graphic background for speakers during speeches
  • Looping of graphic content during cocktail session
  • Customized Interactive Dance show content on main LED wall
  • Visuals for the rotating LED windmills