6KW is one of the largest mobile game developer in China. Zien was delighted to be the event organizer of the group of 400 persons. All the participants for the dinner are from the Gen Z generation, and most of them have not been to Thailand before. Therefore we have worked closely with the client to come up with something original and memorable for the first timers in Bangkok. We used a very techie concept which has the combination of hologram logo and traditional Thai performance for the group. All performance are customized in order to interact more with the attendees and create a memorable experience.


  • Events Management
  • Setup of T-LED and P3 LED Panel
  • Stage Design and Concept
  • Arrangements of traditional Thai performance
  • Opening gimmick graphic content
  • 3D & 2D Graphic content for performance.
  • Setup of sound system and lighting
  • Content Creation for all programs
  • 3D Logo animation
  • LED Mapping
  • Lighting and Sound Design and arrangements
  • Live VJ-ing
  • Hologram Logo concept